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Shirley Novak

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About Shirley Novak

California born, Shirley Novak, has always been 'garden mad,' as the British say. The passion for painting and growing flowers caught her at an early age. Today, Shirley is still on the same path, painting and growing what she loves: flowers. She and her husband, artist Ralph Oberg live in western Colorado in a peaceful farming valley surrounded by the San Juan and Cimarron Mountain ranges where the climate is great for growing flowers. From April through November, Shirley's gardens bloom with unbounded inspiration for the artist. Shirley has had the good fortune to be mentored in her painting and gardening by Len Chmiel over the past ten years. Also sharing a studio and life with Ralph for the past six years has been a constant education. Studying at the Art Students Leauge in Denver with Mark Daily was another fortunate passage in her life. Shirley has been invited to participate as a guest artist at the Northwest Rendezvous Show in Helena, Montana, for the last two years.

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