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M. W. "Skip" Whitcomb

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Fall-St.Mary Lake 32x34.JPG
Winter Vespers 28x48.jpeg

St. Mary Lake - Fall


oil on linen 

32 x 35 inches


Winter Vespers

oil on linen 

28 x 48 inches


353661559_215906017985375_2236962882839138022_n (1).jpg

Upper Pasture - 


oil on linen

16 x 26 inches


Rimrock Country

oil on linen on board

9 x 12 inches


308840297_644653893972642_8164073269693080682_n (1)_edited.jpg

New Fork 


oil on linen

12 x 16 inches



Dallas Divide

from Paradise


oil on linen

14 x 18 inches


Afternoon Buildup --

South Fork

oil on linen

36 x 36 inches


About M. W. "Skip" Whitcomb

Skip Whitcomb knew from an early age that he wanted to be an artist. He grew up on a ranch in Colorado where his family raised American quarter horses, an experience that instilled in him a deep love and respect for the land.

After earning a BFA from Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, California, in 1971, Whitcomb returned to his native Colorado where fellow painter Ned Jacob introduced him to the virtues of outdoor painting.


Growing up in a hardworking ranching family instilled in Whitcomb a deep love

and respect for the land. "This connection to our physical world, the natural order, is what I seek to convey in my work," says Skip, "to let the reality of the facts come alive in my imagination, a living reality, as I see it."

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