Len Chmiel

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image001 (4).jpg


oil on linen

9 x 12 inches



View of Torrey

oil on linen

10 x 12 inches



Gaylords Pond

oil on linen

9 x 12 inches


Chmiel, Leonard-May Day Masquerade.jpg

May Day Masquerade

oil on linen

25 1/2 x 34 1/2 inches




Big Bend Park

oil on linen

28 x 30 inches


IMG_8105_2014816_122028 (1).jpg

An Orange Autumn Arrangement

oil on linen

22 x 36 inches



A Path Less


oil on linen

23 x 29 inches



Toms View Kanab

oil on linen

12 x 9 inches



Beginning of Autumn

oil on linen

11 x 14 inches


Len C.jpg
About Len Chmiel

There is an intimacy and honesty about the subjects oil painter Len Chmiel chooses as if each painting was an expression of himself.  He explains that he has a pretty good idea of who he is at this point in his life.  "I used to try to control everything but now I allow my intuition to speak more.  I try to stretch the truth of what the actual image is.  I never wind up with a real representation.  I do things that are recognizable, yes, but I have a much different intention."


Chmiel travels and works outdoors a great deal, frequently taking trips dedicated to painting on location.  His travels have taken him to England, Scotland, and across Europe, into Mexico, Guatemala and Uruguay, as far away as Nepal and Thailand, and as close to home as his own backyard.  He is fond of the western United States where he often fits in hunting excursions with his painting trips.  Chmiel tends to work small on location and to bring his work back to the studio where he focuses on larger paintings.  "I explore the boundaries of the smaller pieces to see which are suited for the impact of an expanded composition."


Chmiel maintains a truly open-minded view of art.  He cites painters Gustav Klimt, Andrew Wyeth and Richard Diebenkorn as influential artists who were quite different philosophically but similar in that they all transcended their craft and actually told the viewer something about themselves.

Len Chmiel has had numerous sell-out one-man shows and is listed in Who's Who in America and Who's Who in the West.  He has been featured in numerous publications including Southwest Art MagazineBusiness Week, Western Art Digest, and American Artist Magazine.  His work is included in two books on oil painting Contemporary American Oil Painting and Freshen Your Painting with New Ideas.  His work has been collected by museums and major corporations across the United States and can be seen in such prestigious shows as the Prix de West Invitational and the Masters of the American West at the Autry Museum where he was voted the Artist Choice Award in 2002. Chmiel won the Robert Lougheed Memorial Award at the 2018 Prix de West and Best in Show in the 2018 Coors Western Art Exhibit and Sale.

Chmiel makes his home in Hotchkiss, Colorado, where he not only paints but also gardens, tends his vineyard and fruit trees, makes wine and hunts.