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Josh Elliott

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Josh Elliott Hidden Lake 10x12 oil $2,800.jpg

Hidden Lake

oil on linen

10 x 12 inches


Josh Elliott Ten Sleep Clapping 32x35 oi

Ten Sleep Clapping

oil on linen

32 x 35 inches


Josh Elliott Pryor Creek 20x24 oil $7,300 2021 (1).jpg

Pryor Creek

oil on linen

20 x 24 inches


About Josh Elliott

Josh Elliott was born in Great Falls, Montana, in 1973. He was introduced to painting early in life by his father, wildlife painter Steve Elliott.  After studying at several universities, he returned home to study with his most influential teacher, his father. Josh learned the importance of painting from life and discovered his passion for painting outdoors.


He has participated in many shows including Tucson Plein Air, Settlers West Miniature Show, Acadia Invitational, Maynard Dixon Country, and the C.M. Russell Art Auction. Josh has won numerous awards including the Maynard Dixon Award and the Quick Draw Award at the Tucson Plein Air show in 2005, the Ralph Tuffy Berg Award for Emerging Artist at the C.M. Russell Art Auction in 2003, the Best Small Painting Award at the Acadia Invitational in Bar Harbor, Maine, in 2006, and the Legacy Award and an Award of Merit at the Northwest Rendezvous of Art in 2006.


Josh has been featured in several national art magazines including Southwest Art, Western Art & Architecture and Western Art Collector. He is a member of the Northwest Rendezvous Group. 

Josh works out of his home studio in Helena, Montana.

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