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Grant Redden

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Wyoming Winter.jpg

Wyoming Winter

oil on linen

10 x 12 inches


Sheep's in the Meadow

oil on linen

20 x 16 inches


Fall Colors

oil on linen

12 x 10 inches


Raking Hay

oil on linen

16 x 20 inches


Sheep's in the Meadow.jpg
About Grant Redden

Grant Redden lives and paints in southwestern Wyoming in the small town of Hilliard. Growing up working sheep and cattle on his father's ranch in Evanston, Wyoming, Grant is familiar with the hard yet rewarding rural life of the American West which contributes to his work ethic and drive to make a living as a professional artist. Primarily self-taught, Redden has had the opportunity to be mentored by many generous living masters. His work is influenced by such historical masters as Sorolla, Sargent, Zorn and Von Zugel among others.


Art critic, Susan Hallsten McGarry writes: "Grant Redden is one of those painters who has taken Monet's admonition that you don't draw the elements in nature, you see them as patches of color, darkened or lightened by the amount of light falling on them. Grant takes his oils into the landscape where he sets himself up to evaluate every subtlety and nuance that presents itself to him. He endeavors to freeze a moment in time in judicious paint strokes that follow the forms he translates."

Redden is a member of Cowboy Artists of America. Since becoming a member, his work has garnered numerous awards at the society's annual show most recently the Stetson Award and the Gold Medal for Oil/Acrylic in 2018.  In 2012, Redden won the Artists Choice Award at the Buffalo Bill Art Show and Sale in Cody, Wyoming.  His work has been featured in the magazines Western Art Collector and Art of the West.

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