Chula Beauregard

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Royal Spirit 1920 (1).jpg
Late Winter Solace 1920.jpg

Royal Spirit

oil on linen

36 x 36 inches


Late Winter Solace

oil on linen

24 x 20 inches


Dawn 1920 copy.JPG


oil on linen

9 x 12 inches


Chula B.JPG
About Chula Beauregard

“The Western experience is one of contradictions as we navigate between modern progress and pure wildness.  Geographically rooted in the West, I intend to bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary.  Using the classical approach, I apply the tools that have been tried and tested through the centuries: patterns of light and dark, color harmonies, and techniques to create illusions of space.  However, I find the modern approach to lend the freedom I need to express the intuitive sense of place: color fields, expressive mark layering, and textures that unite the painted surface. I honor the infinite Beauty of this land, while striving to lend a relevant voice in these modern times.”      

Chula Beauregard was born and raised in the mountains of Colorado.  After graduating cum laude as a Studio Art major from Whitman College, she served for two years in Gabon, Central Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer.  Later, she earned her Master’s in Education to teach Fine Art.  In 2008, she began her professional painting career in her hometown of Steamboat Springs, CO.