Simpson Gallagher Gallery
You are cordially invited to the opening reception of

Three Dimensional
Paintings by Skip Whitcomb,
Matt Smith and Len Chmiel

Thursday, September 24, 2015
From 4 to 7 in the evening

Putting together a two or three person show is tricky stuff. In this case, the main challenge was to find three artists whose styles complement each other, and at the same time, avoid the trap of their works looking too similar. Nor did we want their styles to lack any connection at all, which would create a visual battle on the gallery walls. It could be compared to putting together a choir—searching for and finding voices that stand out and yet blend.

Another important consideration was where the artists are in their careers. We wondered what it would be like to see three artists at the peak of their form, at the pinnacle of their careers. Over the years, Matt, Skip and Len have searched, experimented, failed and succeeded. Now that they have their place at the top, we wanted to bring them together with the confidence of viewing one incredible painting after another; for, if nothing else unifies these three artists, it is that they just don’t miss.

Attached to our invitation to Len Chmiel, Matt Smith and Skip Whitcomb, was our question to them: After thousands of paintings—struggling, learning, experimenting and finally finding success—where do you go and what do you paint to keep it fresh and challenging for you and your collectors? Their answer is Three Dimensional.

The title of this show does not suggest that the works by these three artists are three dimensional. Instead it highlights the enormous depth and dimensionality of their unique and individual talents, their experiences, styles and ways of seeing the world.

— Chuck Neustifter and Sue Simpson Gallagher

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