Simpson Gallagher Gallery

A Sheepwagon Chalet

by Joel Ostlind
4 1/2 x 6  inches , Framed $400 , Unframed $250
Etching , Edition of 96

Joel Ostlind

Joel Ostlind

A self-taught artist, Joel Ostlind has an innate sense of design and pure draftsmanship. Born and raised in Casper, Wyoming, Joel has spent most of his life on a horse, cowboying in Texas, Montana, and Wyoming. Although he is out of the business, he tries to incorporate understanding and respect of "things cowboy" when he is dealing with that subject. "I was raised in Wyoming and have chosen, after trying other areas, to live in this region and work at artistically interpreting the things that I value here: the light, the land, and the people who move through it." Known primarily for his drawings and etchings, his paintings convey the same simplicity of design and minimal lines to create maximum effect. Joel was the featured artist at the 2002 Denver Stock Show.

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